The Goofy Girls

A year and a half ago we welcomed home our first batch of chicks.  It was the manifestation by mama herself to add a bit more drama fun to the Wolowik Ranch and living in Madison we have the privilege of being able to do this. The chickens came home a day early so were … More The Goofy Girls

Holla for Challah

 There was a lot of ‘holla-ing’ this weekend as the girl and I made our way thru a new bread recipe this Saturday.  I can’t recommend this book enough, it really is bees knees when it comes to easiness. I mixed up the dough and we let it rise….and rise……and rise…for about an hour and … More Holla for Challah

Meet Rummy

We have a cat named Rummy.  He was a gift to the kids from St Nick 2 years ago and is the most babied cat in the entire world.  He’s the law in these here parts   He is a very well loved kitty….as you can see