The Victory Garden

Yes it is a Victory we get this garden in each year and that is produces as much as it does given our smallish scale and sunlight challenged yard.

The garden is 92% the hubbmeister, 5% kiddos and 3% me (I like to pick but not so much plant/weed/water/tend/hoe/cultivate).  The hubby is a firm believer in the raised garden beds.  Of course this book is what started it all.  He builds/adds a new one each year to keep the tomotoes rotating and we add something new in the extra space.  This year the new addition was potatoes.  I have misgivings about potatoes in that we had them in a garden many years ago and well…..they tasted like dirt. We tried a new heirloom variety this year and I am pretty excited about trying them again.  The past several weeks has had me asking ‘So, can we try those potatoes?‘, ‘ Hey how about those potatoes?‘, ‘Ummmm…I think I saw on the news we NEED to pick our potatoes out NOW’. All prodding has been met with a resounding ‘NO!’ so patiently I wait.

Our tomatoes produced crazy busy in July (it was hot hot hot) but now with cooler evenings, we are picking a little less each week. 

The tomato box has been a source of drama the past few weeks.  We just cured one hen (yes we have 4 hens…stay tuned to meet them) from laying in the tomato box and we now have a rascally varmint sneaking in.  The little creep takes ONE bite out of that ONE tomato we decided to wait ONE more day to pick.  Listen here varmint…your days are numbered!

Of course the midwestern garden is never complete without the obligatory squash/zucchini addition.  If zucchini were currency we’d all be rich!  People mysteriously leave piles of zucchini in work places, Dr’s offices, street corners with signs ‘PLEASE TAKE!’ in the hopes someone (anyone?) will take them off their hands.  Recipes are modified to encorporate it wherever possible (thank goodness for chocolate zucchini cake/muffins/bread!)

And now I am off to see if patty pans can go into ice cream……


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