The Roaring 40’s

Yes the glorious roaring 40’s were alive and well at the Ranch last night.  If you haven’t had a chance to try Roaring 40’s bleu yet, get off your tuckus and find some!  All we can say is WOW.  Creamy, salty, pungent and just plain yummy!  Paired with steak was fantabulous!

And here is your public service message on Pumpkin as a side dish.

Who knew pumpkin can go in something other than pie?!?!  The hubbmeister sauteed pumpkin, potatoes and onions (all seperately because he is crazy like that, and he wants to ensure everything gets cooked properly…ie potatoes crunchy and pumpkin mushy) along with some rosemary out of the garden.  The result had the kids fighting over it!


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