Wool over my eyes

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….behold my great idea, but inevitable parenting blunder.

This past Saturday found those of us in central Wi with the most glorious, beautiful weather.  It was sunny, breezy and just the perfect weather to get outside.  While perusing for local fun things to do, low and behold I came across the WI Wool and Sheep Festival!  Holy smokes!  I have never been able to attend and this was the perfect time to make the 45 minute trek to the Jefferson, WI fairgrounds.

I packed up the kiddos and headed out on our way.  The fact that it took us FOREVER to get there should have been my sign that I was not meant to attend this glorious festival.  The boy had complained for the last time on his shoes not fitting, so there was a stop at the store to pick up some tennis.  Then onto the gas station as I had been rolling on fumes for over a day.  Then we all felt a bit hungry realizing we hadn’t had a proper breakfast, so thru the drive thru we went. 

We no sooner arrived and immediately set off for the ‘market place’ where all things that a knitter dreams of fondling, oogling and drooling over can be found.  This is about where the girl tells me she isn’t feeling well.  What?!?!  We just got here!!  So off we went and found her a chair to relax on while the boy and I continued.  Oh were the wools spectactular.  Truly decadent and some never before seen beauties made it just the most wonderful place to be.  Especially since everyone (for once) encouraged us to touch, feel and experience their wares.  The boy could hardly believe I let him touch EVERYTHING (generally a no no). 

We picked the girl up and decided a snow cone was in order and perhaps all she needed to feel better.  This temporarily seemed to smooth things over.  We then moved onto the barns with shearing demos (dear lord that man is ripped from all the shearing he does!), lambs, exotic breeds of sheep and of course the auctions!  I could of sat and watch the mama sheep with their babies all day!  But thus, the girl stated she REALLY was not feeling well.

We trekked back to the marketplace so I could pick up that ONE special purchase I had decided on, and then had to head home (stay tuned for pics of that purchase…it is just so dreamy!).  I really didn’t think there was anything horribly wrong with the girl so we meandered home.  A stop for lunch (while she laid her head on the table) then onto the grocery (she remained in the car and laid down).  The real sign came when she (being 9 years old) stated she would be taking a nap when she got home.  I joked and said, goodness do you have a fever…and then I felt her head.  Oh my yes she had a fever…all 103.7 of it!  She had the fever achey sweaty yucky flu all weekend long.

Here is the thing that the kids learned about me….I sometimes make mistakes (BIG ones)…but boy that mama loves her wool.


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