Our favorite place

Last year we decided to rip off our decrepit, rotting deck and add on a new deck.  The hope is that one day soon, this will be screened in but for now (and thankfully this summer was bug free due to drought conditions) it serves as a HUGE extension of our kitchen.  All (tolerable) evenings are spent eating outside and enjoying our yard.  Early mornings on the weekends you can generally find mama with a cup of coffee and a good book snuggled up in my favorite seat.

This is the best seat in the house.  It is comfy, I can put my feet up, it is perfect to spot to knit and I can watch my goofy chicken ladies mill around the yard.

Daylight is fleeting from us at a rate far to quick for my comfort and mornings are finding the temperatues downright chilly.  I will enjoy every last minute of solitude I can squeeze out of the season as it is a long winter to spend in our tiny abode.  Until then I will wrap myself up and head outside….


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