Sing to me baby

Here’s the thing, sometimes I, the mama, actually make things in the kitchen too.  Trust me when I say my feats are generally much less impressive that the hubby’s.  There are 3 nights a week that I am in charge of the meal due to the hubby’s work schedule and I am known for a handful of meals.  I can make a mean homemade mac and cheese, I do ‘breakfast dinner’ like nobody’s business, and in the wintertime my chili and cornbread is a kiddo favorite.  This brings me to my latest conquest….B-R-E-A-D.

I have been re-reading my dear friend’s blog (and truly enjoying it) and she mentions this book that started her on homemade bread.  Well I have been marinating on that idea for the past few weeks and decided I should give this a whirl.  Off to the library we went to pick up the book, and then over to Amazon to pick up what can only be decribed as the best pizza stones EVER!  Yesterday I decided to pick up some better flour for the job and last night I mixed everything up.  I couldn’t wait to let the dough sit overnight so I baked up the first loaf (with plenty more dough waiting for us in the fridge).  When the timer went off I gingerly opened the oven door and was amazed at what I had created.  Seriously the most beautiful, perfect loaf of bread ever!

The book talks about the bread ‘singing’ when you take it out of the oven.  It crackles when it hits the cooler air and really makes you feel like you made something pretty darn special.  And the taste….in a word…..superb.  Don’t know what I have been doing wrong all these years but this is perfect. 

The book is really written well and the process is very easy (I mean hello, look at my first loaf!)

I see lots of homemade bread in our future….


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