Someday Soon

Our kids are growing up.  That is a fact that every parent loves and loathes all at the same time.  Somedays you think you just can’t wait until they are old enough to do _________ (insert thing that is currently driving you crazy).  But then you look at pictures from when they were really little and wish you could cuddle that little baby just one more time. 

Our kids are currently 7 and 9.  Someday soon they will not want to:

Go outside after dinner and swing with each other. (Excuse the blurry picture.  Mama was attempting a stealth pic from inside so this from about 50 feet away…thru the bedroom screen no less)

Someday they will no longer:

Walk down the street holding Grandma’s hand.

So today I celebrate that at 7 and 9 they still do like to do these things, and I will attempt to slow down time just a bit.


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