To market To market

Our weekend started out in grand fashion by a trip to the famous downtown Madison farmer’s market.  It is a true treat to have the bounty of goodness come to our town each and every Saturday.  This week we had the added bonus of Grandma and Papa join us too.

There is a certain ‘Madisonian’ decorum that must be observed at the market.  First, traffic always moves in a counter clockwise direction.  If you even attempt to walk back a few booths, you will fully understand what salmons go through when spawning.  Next is the obligatory purchase of Stella’s Hot and Spicy Cheese Bread.  You will notice I do not have a picture because it was eaten within 7 minutes of my purchase.  Everyone has their favorite booth they have to stop at when they attend.  Some are flower vendors, some are local honey, others scones and muffins and then of course your favorite sweet corn and cheese curd vendor.  It is just good ole’ midwestern fun all rolled up in a farmer’s paradise.

And the capital…well that is just the icing on top.


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