Sometimes I get what I ask for

So as you recall, I am something of a wonder in the bread making department.  I am still riding the homemade bread kick and having a lot of fun with it.  However, no matter how awesome the bread is, we still seem to end up with 2 ends that are on the hard side and no one wants to eat them….so there they sit.

Enter in Jacques Pepin.  The man is simplistic and straightforward in his approach to cooking.  You have old bread?  Here is a way you can use it up along with those random vegetables you have laying around.  The last segment in this show Jacques describes how to make a Galette.  As my husband later described, it is like a frittata, only with bread.  You know when you read or see a recipe and just know it’s gonna be a good one?  That is how I felt about this and I knew we needed to make it.  So I picked up a few veggies at the farmer’s market and combined them with some that we already had on hand, or were in the garden.  I had every intention of making this one myself, but then I got the grodiest cold ever and decided my hands shouldn’t really be kneading through anything.  Enter in the hubbmeister to the rescue.

Scallops, shrimp and tuna were delicious additions along with a homemade cucumber salad that the girl made.  This one may need to make it into the monthly rotation of meals….yummo! (And it is ever better re-heated the next day!)


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