The Goofy Girls

A year and a half ago we welcomed home our first batch of chicks.  It was the manifestation by mama herself to add a bit more drama fun to the Wolowik Ranch and living in Madison we have the privilege of being able to do this.

Aidan with Ginny Hen

The chickens came home a day early so were a great surprise when the kiddos got home from school.  Their home in the basement was well guarded and the Wolowik crew along with extended family had a hoot watching their chicky antics in the basement.

Nadia loving her chick, Cecelia
Rummy ‘guarding’ the chicks

After about a month it was time for the girls to move outside.  The weather had warmed up and our house had taken on a very ‘chickeny’ aroma.  We were so very lucky to have a dear friend with an extra coup so ‘all’ we needed to do was build a chicken run.  This turned out to be quite the endeavor, but the hubbmeister really kicked it into gear with his carpentry skills and we ended up with a fantastic home for the girls.

Chicken coop is small house on the right.

We had originally intended the girls to stay in the run, but over time we started letting them out in our fenced yard and now we let them out all day long.  We go through much less food when we let them free range and the girls seem to get along better too.

Girls on walkabout

Having these chickens has really caught us off guard in how much we love having them around.  Watching them in the yard has proven more comical and educational than any television program.  Their murmurs to each other is ever calming and we all love spending time outside with them.  They are truly social girls and love to be wherever we are.  They are clearly pampered pets with the added kick of the best eggs you have ever had.

Here are the goofy girls:

Evangeline-Our most skittish chicken and generally doesn’t like to be held. She is a beautiful silver laved wyandotte and is our most prolific layer.
This is our Rhode Island Red named Ginny Hen. She is the instigator of all naughty chicken doings at the ranch and has an uncanny way of getting out of the yard. She is extremely picky about where to lay her eggs and we have found them in some pretty interesting places.

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