Design on a Dime

Friday night found me kid-less and hubby-less.  I decided to don my decorator cap and attempt a mini-redo on a shelf in our living room.  I picked up this shelf from the local St Vinny’s a few years ago and it is one of my favorite ‘finds’.  I just have never really liked how I … More Design on a Dime

Work Day

Sunday found us some sunshine and cooler temperatures and it was time to get outside to finish up some fall chores.  First up was raking….then more raking….followed by a bit more raking.  Still not done but made a dent in it. The hubbmeister spent the better part of the morning taking apart the chicken coop-run … More Work Day

Block Party

My sweater has been sitting at 85% complete for months.  The first time I blocked it the front panels dried all wonky (was completely my wrong doing).  I finally said “ENOUGH ALREADY” and here is the sweater re-blocking.  The 2 additional panels that are knit separate are complete as well and just need to be … More Block Party