A Hard Lesson Learned

We took the ole’ one-two punch this past week at the ranch.  We lost a chicken last week but were really clueless on exactly what had happened.  All we knew is we were missing a chicken, and there was a very large pile of feathers in both our yard and the neighbors.  We didn’t know how she was taken or even when.  What was very upsetting is that is was of course our favorite girl, Lita Ford.  She has been our most docile lady since we got the chicks and thus was held….a lot.  She loved to jump up on my lap as well as be held and walked around the yard.  Needless to say, it hit the family pretty hard.

Then a few days later…it happened again.  This time it was very clear where the breach in our security system failed…a big gaping hole in the chicken run provided the ‘take out’ service for a local raccoon.  This too left us a pile of feathers, a bit more carnage and a very upset family.  Upset that we hadn’t noticed the hole sooner.  Upset that we had gotten lazy and didn’t close the door to the coop.  Upset that we lost our Jersey Giant Lily, who too was a very sweet chicken.  A few months ago we thought we were going to lose her to an unknown illness as she curled up in my arms one night and didn’t want to be put down.  She laid on my lap for over an hour before I tucked her and and prepared for her to not wake up the next morning.  She of course did and was was plucky as ever.

Dear Lita and Lily, you will remembered and missed….

Lita Ford

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