Meet the new chicks on the block

After losing 2 hens in a week (and fixing the gaping hole in the run) we decided we needed to get some new gals pronto as our egg supply had dwindled.

First up was bringing Cecelia back from her sentence to ‘naughty hen farm’-otherwise known as ‘now you know what a rooster is’ farm.  We relocated her a few months ago as she had really become quite a ‘pecker’.  We thought it would take longer for her to get back in with the gang, but after the turmoil of losing a chicken the night Cecelia came back…well they warmed up to her no problem.  She definitely remembers us as she comes running every time I come outside.  She knows I hand out the treats!

Cecelia as a chick the day we got her.
Cecelia now. She is a beautiful Arecauna but lays brown rather than blue eggs.

All 3 of our chickens are fixin to molt so again, the egg production has slowed way down.  We decided to add in 2 more gals to round out the group.  I found the nicest lady in Stoughton, WI that has A LOT of animals.  We brought home two-3 month old Buckeye-Delewares.   I refer to them as ‘the twins’ since they look very much alike and stick together pretty much all of the time.  One has been named Brownie by the boy, the other Amy Lee by the hubbmeister.  They are only 3 months old and definitely learning the lay of the land.  They won’t start laying for another 6-8 weeks so they have some time to figure out the Ranch.  The other three (Cecelia in particular) keep reminding them who is in charge around here and they are not protesting.  Not too much squawking so hopefully they will continue to settle in.  They had no idea how to get into the coop last night so the boy and I had some fun exercise running around trying to get them in.  Seriously hoping they get the hang of it tonight.

The twins-Brownie and Amy Lee

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