The entrance of Fall is always something that causes me a bit of trepidation.  While I love the colors and the hint of chill in the air, the loss of light and time for us to be outside causes a bit of anxiety for me.

Lucky for us, there are recipes that are only brought out during the cold months and as soon as the weather changes we start looking forward to chili, pork ribs and sour kraut as well as hearty rich stews and soups.  Vietnamese Pho is a family favorite.  As soon as the hubbmeister called to say that he was making it for dinner I knew we were in for a great meal.  Made from scratch beef broth with lots of bones creates this ‘strong like bull’ feeling while you are slurping away.  Topping it off with the last few veggies and edible flower from the garden was so satisfying…it made the vanishing light a bit more tolerable.


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