End of the Season

It is with a heavy heart that we declare the Wolowik Ranch garden closed for the season.  We have officially moved into chilly temperatures here in WI and we have gleaned out the last remaining fruits of our labors.

The horseradish came up all on its own this year which was a welcome surprise.  Bugs and critters seem to leave it alone so it had a full growing season that went fairly uninterrupted.  After taking the picture the hubbmeister started grating and the entire house was instantly filled with its pungent aroma.  We thought for sure it was going to clean out our sinuses at dinner, but rather it was fairly mild but incredibly flavorful when topped on a turkey burger.

We pulled whatever tomatoes had started to turn red and the hubby made a yummy relish that also was served on top of our burgers.  Anything that is still green (and has now been subjected to frost) has been thrown out to the chickens.

Hopefully we will still be able to bring in the occasional chive and other random herbs which gives us a sense of ‘fresh from the garden’ for just a bit longer.  But for now, it is onto cleaning out the boxes and opening them up so the chickens can assist with the tilling.

Now for the waiting until next Spring…..Sigh……..


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