A is for Apple

The hubby and I both grew up with mamas that like to can.  Fall in my house was always marked with a Saturday spent making applesauce.  From when I was a young child, mom would set me down with a tv tray and have me quarter A LOT of apples.  Then my mom would cook them on the stove top until they were nice and soft.  Finally my sisters and I would turn the food mill to make the applesauce.  It wasn’t complete until mom put in some cinnamon hearts to give our sauce the requisite pink color we all loved.  All winter long we would be sent down to the basement to bring up a jar of applesauce for dinner, and truly there is nothing better than homemade applesauce!

Tom’s mom is what I would call a ‘serious’ canner.  She has a HUGE garden and spends the end of the summer canning up green beans, tomato sauce, crab apples, corn and anything else that may not get eaten in time.  But her crowning glory are her sour pickles.  They are seriously the best pickles I have ever tasted and I ration them to my family.

A co-worker recently gave me a huge bag of apples and I wasn’t able to get to them nearly fast enough.  The hubbmeister had the forethought to throw the whole bag in the freezer so at least they would not rot before I was ready to use them.  This weekend I found myself with my 3 and 4 year old nephews and the weather was horrible so we ended up spending all weekend inside.  What shall we do with all of this time cried the auntie?!?! Why make applesauce!  The requisite porkchops, mashed potatoes and sour kraut were called to order and a feast was declared!

Our food mill bit the dust so I improvised. This method took much longer than normal but we had PLENTY of time to spare.
Normally the apples would be quartered, but cooking whole worked just fine.
We had all this lovely apple water left over so I decided to braise the pork in it. Wow…what a difference it made!




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