Wastin the Day Away

This past weekend in Wisconsin was truly glorious.  We have been riddled with a lot of rain lately so when the sun came out…and was actually warm…we knew we needed to get out and enjoy it.  A gift certificate to the mama to the Cluck Chicken Store in Paoli, WI sealed the deal of where we were destined.  We love the little artist town of Paoli and make our way over at least 1-2 times per year.  If you find yourself in the vicinity on a weekend, stop a stay an hour or two.  There are some fantastic restaurants to indulge in and the art is truly amazing.  And if you want to talk some serious chicken, stop in at Cluck!

The hubby packed us a picnic lunch and we set up shop in their ‘central park’.  It is one of our favorite meals….cured meats, fancy cheeses and pickled yum yums.

The kids were happy to soak up some sun too.

And then…well it was back to acting like normal brother and sister….

All in all, a pretty perfect Fall Sunday afternoon….


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