Our Big Fat Italian Weekend

Our 7 year old would sell all his possessions for a plate of spaghetti and meatballs…or more like 7 plates full.  This is not a lie, but simply how the boy operates.  He will tell you that his grandma makes the best spaghetti and meatballs.  If you ask him which grandma…he will declare BOTH! (Ever the peacekeeper that one)

Imagine how happy the boy was when he had a big Italian weekend full of his favorite food!  The kiddos spent a few nights at their auntie’s house due to a few days of no school.  Friday night brought spaghetti and meatballs at auntie and uncles (along with a guest appearance by papa).

Then came Saturday night where mama made one of our family’s favorites.  It is kind of a stromboli-calzoney-spaghetti mixup and it is truly YUMMO!.  If you click here you will find my inspiration. I follow the recipe almost exactly, except this time I made HOME MADE BREAD DOUGH….double YUM!

You go from this:

To this is 30 minutes:

I decided we needed a bit of green in the dinner as well so I decided to try these baked zucchini sticks.  I followed this recipe pretty closely though substituted a few items for the onion dipping sauce as I was out of mayo.  The fam declared this one a winner!  It is a great recipe for the kiddos to help with (the boy battered everything) and they turned out extremely crunchy…and they are low in sodium!

To top it all off, we went out for pizza for lunch on Sunday.  The boy declared it one of his best weekends.  He also told his auntie that aunties make everything ‘shiny’.  Never was a better compliment ever made.



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