Design on a Dime

Friday night found me kid-less and hubby-less.  I decided to don my decorator cap and attempt a mini-redo on a shelf in our living room.  I picked up this shelf from the local St Vinny’s a few years ago and it is one of my favorite ‘finds’.  I just have never really liked how I could see thru to the wall behind the shelf.  I love what the right fabric can do to a space and declared myself a challenge.

This is the before:

My goal was to create ‘inserts’ into the back of each shelf and my budget was $10.  I channeled my inner ‘Trading Spaces’ as I trekked to the local store in search of foam core that I could cut down.  I ended up buying this moving box for $1 along with some batting for $3.  The fabric choices were limited so I ventured onto Joann’s where I spent exactly $5.50 on fabric.  Yes…right on budget!

I measured each shelf (all different sizes….glad I didn’t assume they were the same!).  I used my trusty quilting ruler and cut everything down to size.  Then I cut the fabric, folded it around the cardboard and secured with tape (stapler didn’t work as the whole thing was too thin). All in all the project took about an hour.

And here is the after:

I like it….but it still isn’t ‘singin Bon Jovi’ to me.  I am going to keep my eye out for different fabric as I think maybe something with a larger print may look better.   It is difficult to tell but our walls are a lovely shade of very very light lavender and the gray does keep things nice and light.  All in all, I enjoyed the process…I just need to tweak it up a bit.


Here is the updated shelf….and boy is Bon Jovi singin to me now!  I am lovin the new fabric I found!



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