Wisconsin Big Cats Rescue

Scientists will tell you that the summer solstice is technically the longest day of the year, but anyone with kids will agree wholeheartedly the day we turn our clocks back is truly the LONGEST NEVER ENDING DAY! We decided we needed an activity to keep us from going bonkers, so we went for a bit of a drive out to Rock Springs to the WI Big Cats Rescue. Wow!  What an experience!  We will never get to see so many lions, tigers and panthers so up close and personal.


All of these cats were rescued from circumstances that were less than ideal.  What we observed at the Rescue were extremely clean and well cared for animals.  Their coats were shiny, they all had some meat on their bones and their pens were extremely clean.  You can tell these cats will live out the rest of their life being respected for the amazing animals that they are while also being well loved by the employees.  All in all, a great day!


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