Sometimes, you just need to stop and re-boot.  This past week was such a whirlwind of activity that by Friday we were all exhausted.  Saturday brought unseasonably warm temps and sunshine!  Sunshine in November is fleeting at best so when it happens, you need to roll around in it.  With all this great weather, we really should have spent the day finishing up fall chores.  I even felt guilty about it as we drove out to our dear friends house but then she said ‘Stay as long as you like’, and that we did.

Here’s the thing….when you find a friend who you truly hold dear AND all of your children play inexplicably well with one another…you hold on tight to that friendship…because it is a unicorn…it is Halley’s comet…it is sunshine in November…it is something that only comes around once in a blue moon.

I can say we all needed this day.  The boy needed to climb trees, go on hikes, push a friend on the swing and get kissed by a girl (ha!  Yes he did!).  The girl needed to have a dance party, play dress-up and teach a friend how to play the recorder.  We all needed sheep snuggles and puppy kisses.  I needed a hot cup of tea, a good long chat and some knitting time.  All our needs were met and we went home with our bellies full of pumpkin chili and our batteries recharged.

Puppy snuggles, tea and knitting….

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