Public Service Announcement


The following message is being brought to you today by hip, crafty sewers everywhere.

Non-hip crafty sewers…heed this message!

Just because your hip, crafty friend whips out amazing sewing feats…does not mean she wants to repair your zipper, alter your pants or fix a sleeve.  In fact, it is the last thing in the world she wants to spend her (limited) hip, crafty sewing time on.  Because she is (perhaps) Midwestern and thus inclined to never say no, she will accept and begrudgingly work on this non-hip crafty sewing project, but inside she is crying just a bit.

To keep your hip, crafty sewer happy…please don’t ask her to mend your clothes.  Then she can keep cranking out all that fun stuff that she loves to make for you.


A hip, crafty sewer who just completed another arduous mending project because she is Midwestern and can’t say no


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