Color me Happy

So….most of my sentences these days start with “I saw on Pinterest…”   (Family and friends…I may need an inter-friend-tion)  The latest new thing in knitting is the idea of acid dying using Kool Aid.  I have to admit that the yarn I saw at this website was pretty cool, and like everything on Pinterest, was destined to be super duper easy (Yeah right).  So one weekend, the girl and I decided to give it a whirl.  She had also been reading on how to put in cool colored streaks in her hair using the same kool aid so I said I was game. (Relax grandma, it didn’t work).

So we started out with Fisherman’s un-dyed, natural wool and followed the steps precisely.  What we ended up with reminded me of tye dye t-shirst one makes at summer camp.  Muddy colors that are mostly over run with red….and the yarn smelled like a Skittles bag.  It was just….eh

Meh…didn’t do much for me

I mentioned my underwhelmness to a co-worker and she commented…why not just dye over i?.  Why not indeed!  And then it dawned on me….I have some kick a$$ vintage dyes in the basement that I need to take on a test drive.

Side story…Columbus, WI is home to one of the largest antique malls in the US.  The boy and I whiled away several winter hours one weekend and I scored a whole box of Dyola. The boy went home with a sack of marbles…all was well with the world.

The box exudes happiness and possibility every time I open it

The box has some water damage and everything has what can only be described as salt crystals dried on it.  But the powder itself seems to be perfectly fine.  I have to admit the red colors freak me out a bit as I am quite certain there are scary heavy metals (and not the cool Motley Crue kind unfortunately).  Until I do some experimenting I will not be doing any ‘close to the skin’ knitting with the product of these dyes…but X-mas ornaments will do just fine.

I picked blue as I thought it would mix well with the already existing colors and richen up the yarn a bit.

So we went from this…..

To this……

To the final product of this…..

Color me happy! (There’s a sofa in here for two….10 points if you can name the movie reference)


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