Yearly Magnum Opus

Every year I set out to complete one sweater for myself.  I always start out like gangbusters right after Christmas……and then get waylaid by the inevitable gifts I need to complete.  A baby sweater here…a prayer shawl there….a kiddo that needs a hat…..and there my sweater ends up sitting.  I casted this sweater on in February of 2012 and am wearing it completed today on November 16th.  I have mentioned in previous posts that I have had this sweater at about 95% complete for months but just couldn’t seem to bring myself to complete the last 5%.  I finally kicked it into gear this past weekend and sewed up all of the seams, added some necessary buttons and snaps, and called it done…FINALLY!

Here is the yolk that I completed…awhile ago

And here is the completed sweater:

It turned out a little big, but nothing I can’t live with.  I of course have matching socks that are to only be worn with this sweater.

And of course, I already have my next sweater waiting to be knit…just need to take the leap and order the yarn already…..



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