A Love of Formica

For several years now I have developed and kindled a love affair with thrifting.  We are thoroughly blessed to live in a mecca of thrift worthy stores and coupled with a friend or two that also enjoy the ‘thrill of the hunt’ as well as my kiddos that cheer when we make a trip to St. Vinney’s, we find ourselves thrifting fairly often.  Enter in the era of ‘Craigslist’ and you have a recipe for finding just about anything you are in the market for.  (Rest assured you do not need to call ‘hoarders’ anytime soon.  We live in a teeny tiny house and I can’t stand clutter so don’t worry that I am needlessly filling up our house with used crapola.)

The hubby proclaimed that all he wanted for Christmas this year were some new kitchen chairs.  It was like the man had whispered sweet nothings into my ear.  Woo hoo!  And off to the thrift stores we went….

…and we found absolutely nothing.

For weeks now I had been looking, and then I remembered Craigslist.  Sweet heavens how could I have forgotten about Craiglist?!?! In my mind I had really envisioned a 50’s style cafe table with chrome chairs to match.  I don’t know what put that in my head but I was bound and determined to find it.  I scoured through PAGES of yucky ugly tables and chairs and on THE LAST picture I clicked on….I struck gold.  Could it be?  The posting was from over a month ago!  Would it still be available?  I eagerly emailed the owner who promptly replied back that yes, it was still available.  I was even able to haggle him down in price since I had to drive an hour to pick it up.

The era is more late 60’s and I am quite certain our parents are laughing a bit at how these things have a way of coming around again but it is with great pleasure I reveal our new kitchen table and chairs.

Formica, chrome and all…..


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