Big Al Would Be So Proud

I happened to make a trip to our favorite meat market and by chance it was the ONE week a year they sell their ‘Al Capone Roasts’.  They had signs up everywhere and the phone was ringing off the hook the whole time I was there with customers making sure they still had some left.  It wasn’t what I had stopped in there to pick up, but darn if I didn’t want to see what all the hubbub was about.  The owner assured me…it isn’t good…it’s GREAT!  Throw it over some pasta with sauce and call it a meal…you won’t regret it.

Not only did I not regret my purchase, I have promptly marked my calendar when to check in next year.

The Al Capone Roast is ground sausage in the center with olives and provolone.  It is then wrapped with thin steak and then wrapped in ham.  What this equates to is yum mixed with awesome wrapped in fantastic wrapped in heavenly.

Try it out next year…kapish?

The before
The after



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