We Decked Them Halls

My apologies on the radio silence from the Wolowik Ranch.  As it turns out, nit picking is even more fun worse than I had first conveyed.  It was a SOLID two weeks of checking the kids’ heads every single night.  We finally turned the corner a week ago and have not found a bug since. Whew…..you probably heard the sigh from me last night….and the screams from the kids that they didn’t need to wear shower caps any longer.  An empathetic plea to you all….if you see a half crazed woman at the store buying the family size Nix and an industrial sized bottle of laundry detergent…express your sympathies.  Give her a hug and tell her all will be well eventually…because though it does not kill you, it does make you exhausted and a bit difficult to live with in the meantime.

Onto better news…the Wolowik Ranch is bedazzled for the holidays!  The hubbmeister made the yearly trek to the attic and the kids and I danced and sang to carols all afternoon.  It is fun to listen to the kids’ talk to one another while we are unpacking.  The 7 year old boy exclaimed ‘remember when we were kids and we got this ornament?’.

The tree
The tree

It is always so fun unpacking treasures you have forgotten about and finding the perfect spot.

Santas from Papa the Widdler
Santas from Papa the Whittler

But we never forget why we celebrate Christmas.  We have a set of felt handmade ornaments that tell the story and they are always the first to go on the tree and everything else is arranged around them.

The reason for the season
The reason for the season

Now excuse me while I enjoy a nice glass of eggnog…..


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