This is what 18″ looks like

We received quite the early Christmas present this week at the ole’ Wolowik Ranch.  For those of us (which DID NOT include the adults) who asked for a White Christmas, mother nature sure delivered.  It was a non-stop snow fest that kept the schools closed for two days and the kiddos and I home bound.  The hubbmeister had to make his way into work and for once I really wished we had some dogs and a sled, cause he would have made it quicker.  We had a bit of drama trying to get the van home the last half block to our house.  Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers and the new friend we made last night.  Without his assistance we would surely be still trying to get the goll-darn thing into our driveway.

What our world looks like now can only be described with pictures…enjoy!

The fruits of the kiddo's labors
The fruits of the kiddo’s labors
The garden
The garden
The chicken run
The chicken run

Everyone always asks how the chickens are doing when we have severe weather.  Rest assured, they are perfectly fine.  The twins ran right out in the snow this morning and didn’t even seem to notice the snow was almost up to their ears.


But they did go back to their nice warm coop (which now has a heat lamp because they are the most babied chickens ever).


And finally…this is what ‘shovel hair’ looks like…in case you have forgotten


Happy Winter Everyone!


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