A Reward Justly Deserved

hi everyone! I’m Nadia (a.k.a the girl) and so I have a habit of chewing my nails so mom and dad gave me a goal and said that if I grew out my nails for a while that I could get my nails done at the nail salon. I started right away. I made it 3 months! Then mom said we were going to have a girls day. I knew exactly what she meant.

First we had lunch at Dumpling Haus and lordie it was good! we had all haus food; haus fried rice, haus bao-zi and haus dumplings.Then I bought fortune cookies.

lunch out with mama
lunch  with mama

Then we went to Scoops, a nail & hair salon just for girls! even better, an ice cream theme! here I am with the ice cream that you also get there. So cool!

Ice cream while we wait
Ice cream while we wait
Gettin those nails purdied up
Gettin those nails purdied up.

after I picked out my polish, scrub, lotion, and bath bomb, it was finally to get my to get my nails done. It was very fun. my polish color was a pretty magenta color. it was a great day!


THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!









3 thoughts on “A Reward Justly Deserved

  1. yum. can u pass the dumplings plz? gr8 job nadia. you did a great job & reaped your reward. you look beautiful & we miss u already! 🙂

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