Woops…. I Did It Again

I have been a knitting machine, and there is just no stopping me.  In the land of early darkness, I think it is the only thing that keeps me from going to sleep at 5:00! I won’t disclose exactly how many projects I have cast on currently but will confirm it is more than 5 and less than ‘other knitters’ in my circle. (Ha!) But you see, a knitter needs options.  Something to knit that you don’t have the think about (for knitting with girlfriends-note to self…socks are a very bad choice for this category), something to knit when you have time to think (happens rarely), some gift that needs to be done, something that knits up quick so you feel like you completed something, etc, etc ,etc, etc!

Over the holidays I always take a week off from work to stay home with the kiddos.  It is one of my favorite times of year as we really have a lot of fun.  We do a lot of baking and I always have one ‘home project’ goal to be completed each day, which generally involves some help from the boy and girl. I always have very lofty ambitions of completing my yearly sweater during that time, and it never actually comes to fruition.  I have a habit of coming up with more last minute X-mas presents that I can whip up, and then my sweater ends up sitting for 10 months.  Well not this year!  Oh, don’t think I didn’t add to the last minute present list.  I whipped up cowls for the sissies the weekend before as well as aprons for a whole family AND I stayed on top of the laundry AND the house remained clean-ish AND I made dinner every night! BUT, I  got to work on the sweater I have been oogling for months.  With the help of Alias (my new show obsession…yes I am 10 years behind) I whipped the sweater out in record time and I took out for a test drive Saturday night.  I love it!  The yarn is super soft and it feels great!


This will be THE ONLY time I am photographed from the waist down
This will be THE ONLY time I am photographed from the waist down

Now I am off to finish one of the other projects…oh…wait…that’s some pretty wool over there….



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