The Sound of Madness

I think I may have mentioned to you that winter really gets to me. The darkness is one part, but the lack of being outside is a much bigger part. Well that all is a cake walk until you hit February in Wisconsin. Lately we have been lucky to hit temps above zero and we have gotten just enough snow to make too many of my work commutes a little too slippy slidey. The good news is we are finally on the GAINING side of sunlight!

Knitting and household projects have kept me going, but what I really needed was a kick in the pants to put a spark in it and hold me until Spring.

Enter in..the Rock Concert.

The hubbmeister and I seem to be on a 3 year rotation for seeing a kick butt Rockin concert and we were severely overdue. Our friends, the Dr. and his Mrs. invited us a few months ago and we raised our fists to the Gods of Rock and said…hell ya we’ll be there!


Concerts have come along way in the past 20 years. Remember when the opening bands were so terrible you couldn’t possibly waste your time on them? No longer my friend. The opening bands are just as good as the headliner. Three Days Grace was the second opener for us (we missed the first opener…gotta love it…they actually started ON TIME!). Three weeks before the tour started (yes we saw them on DAY 2 of the tour) their lead singer quit (yes in true rock and roll form) and they brought in a new singer….who was AWESOME! Couldn’t believe how many people were there to just see them.

But the headliner…SHINEDOWN…was just wow! The lead singer, who has always been fantastic, has in the past year completely cleaned up and lost 70 pounds. He is a force to be reckoned with and his voice and energy level are unbelievable. We sang and danced and pumped our fists with the enthusiasm of 20 year olds and had ourselves one awesome evening.

To The Gods of Rock, we thank you

Picture courtesy of the Dr’s Mrs.


One thought on “The Sound of Madness

  1. funny…I just heard PINK is in town in a couple of weeks and was thinking of organizing a girl’s nite out…can’t even remember the last concert I went to which means it was probably 15-17 years ago! glad you had fun. we had a little impromptu Superbowl cookout yesterday. I thought it was fun but I’m sure mom will have another version😉

    Sent from Hilary

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