Party Like A Rockstar

This past weekend brought a first for the kiddos…they were introduced to the rock concert!

A little bit of background…one of my cousins is married to a member of Matchbox 20.  We will call her BB as she is a gorgeous beautiful blond and one of the sweetest people. 10 years ago I was VERY pregnant with the girl and the band came thru Milwaukee on tour.  The hubbmeister, my sissy and I met up with BB for dinner and then she handed us one of the very best concert experiences EVER.  Since I was so pregnant she arranged for us to watch the concert from the side of the stage which was a freakin hoot!  We danced thru the whole thing with Mark McGrath and then got to meet the band afterwards.  Was truly an experience we will never forget…not to mention every member of the band rubbed my prego belly to send me a rock star baby.

I was super stoked to have  life come full circle and have the kid’s first concert experience be with MB20.  First up, my sissy, the kiddos and I met BB for dinner at Cubanita’s.  The kids got to have their first (non-boozey) Pina Colada.


Then we had some seriously awesome yums yums (Cuban guacamole with plantain chips….who knew?)

BB gave us all VIP passes which the kiddos found pretty darn cool.  The girl even admitted to BB that she was ‘star struck’ by her beauty…which was pretty adorable.


Then it was off to the show.  We missed the opener (bummer…we were all excited to see Phillip Phillips) but we only waited about 5 minutes and then……TADA….the concert started!

The girl was in her element cheering and dancing her little bootie off.


The boy, as it turns out, was out past his bedtime…and about 15 minutes in…..well…….


Yup, the boy…12 rows back-dead center from the stage….slept thru the rest of the concert.  We will never know how many people took pictures of him as everyone thought it was pretty cute.  We also had put him on the end of the row so he could see the stage better.  This meant every time someone needed to exit the row, they had to scale over him….and still he never woke up.

Oh well….the girl and I had a blast!  Thank you BB for making it a night we will never forget!



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