Parenting…It’s an Experiment

Sometimes you just have to stop and say, ‘well, that didn’t work’ and try something else.  In Parenting, it is about 70/30 the stuff that doesn’t work compared to the stuff that does.  To add insult to injury, the stuff that does work, generally has about a 24-72 hour expiration date on it…and then you are back to square one.

Getting kids ready for school should be an Olympic event.  To those of you with small children what I am about to tell you will cause you some angst, and for that I truly apologize.  Thus far in our experience it does not get any better when the kids are 7 and 9.  So if you think that ‘next year’ it will get better…well…again I’m sorry.

I am very lucky to have a job with somewhat flexible hours so for the past several years I go into work early in the morning so I can be home earlier in the afternoon.  This means that for the past 5 years my hubby has had to get the kids off to school 98% of the time.  Over the years I have gotten countless phone calls all with the same basic theme….

‘You just cannot believe how HORRIBLE it was getting YOUR children to school today!’

And this is where the experimenting has come in.

We have tried charts, rewards, grounding, pleading, crying, yelling and some of it works for a day or so, but then we have to start over.  I don’t think we have ever had anything actually stick for an entire week…..until recently.

I have to give the hubby HUGE cred for this one as he and the kiddos came up with it all on their own.  It was so simple and yet worked so effectively.  The kiddos have been asking to try an experiment and bring ice cream in their thermos to school, to see if it would stay cold until lunchtime.  The hubby finally said that if they could get ready for 5 days straight with no yelling, he would do it.

And it worked.

No problems last week at all…and yesterday the experiment commenced.

And guess what….the ice cream DIDN’T melt.

Don’t ask me what he is trying this week to get them ready…maybe we will just bask in the glory of last week for a bit….

This too shall pass


2 thoughts on “Parenting…It’s an Experiment

  1. This is an amazing idea! Good thinking! When my kids were a bit younger, getting them ready for school was also a nightmare. My kids are now 9 and 11 and I definitely agree to what you said that it gets better at around those ages. 🙂

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