Well this past weekend was downright chilly in Madison.  That didn’t stop the kiddos and I from venturing out Saturday morning to check out the 2013 Madison Winter Festival.  It had been a few years since we had attended and I knew both kids would get a kick out of it.  Somehow I missed grabbing a scarf AND the hood from my winter parka was zipped off.  My neck was FREEZING!

Hmmm...think there was a 'bat in the cave'
Hmmm…think there was a ‘bat in the cave’


First up…a bit of curling….which the kids LOVED!


The sledding hill was a big hit.  Every child that went down the hill screamed and cheered with pure delight and joy…and every single one asked their parents ‘can I do it AGAIN?’ It was so much fun to watch!



The good news is, no winter day in WI is complete with out hot chocolate…which we had….twice!




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