Twist and Shout

The kids and I had a wonderful three day weekend due to an in-service day at school but by Sunday it was clear we needed an activity as the troops were getting restless.

I recently came across a new blog that I can’t talk up enough to you.  It’s called the Candid Appetite ‘Where Cooking Meets Photography‘ and you can check it out here.  The writer takes you step by step through an amazing array of recipes and he documents EVERY SINGLE step.  His photos are spectacular and he really gives you the feeling you can’t possibly screw it up while also making his explanations FUN!  I came across his recipe for  homemade soft pretzels and with the Oscar night appetizer meal looming, I thought they would make the perfect addition.

I grabbed my favorite 7 year old boy and had him read out loud all of the instructions.  Seriously…if you have a school aged kiddo who is a reader…haul them into the kitchen and check out this site together…you won’t be disappointed!  The great thing about pretzel making is that it has lots of steps but there are nice breaks too which break it up into manageable bits.

First up, the boy got a nice science lesson in blooming yeast.

Ooooh....yeast is ALIVE!
Ooooh….yeast is ALIVE!

After mixing up the dough and letting it rise, it was time to roll roll roll out the pretzels.


Then we let them rise for the second time


Next up…par cooking in a simmering water bath


And finally……TADA!  The end result….


Seriously could not have turned out any more perfect…..and they actually tasted like pretzels!

Dipped in some homemade mustard dipping sauce made by the girl….they were perfection


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