Nostalgia Tastes Great

So the other week I was pressed to make lunch for the fam and didn’t have a whole lot to go on. The fridge was bare….so I just punted and started throwing things together. I had a few slices of ham, a tablespoon of cream cheese and salad dressing, some dijon mustard and a couple of pickles. I suddenly had déjà vu of the yummy ham spread my mom used to make and I started chopping. Necessity is the mother of invention and like all great simple recipes, this too was a real winner I remembered loving as a kid. I doubt the little sissy cared for it as she hasn’t eaten anything that oinks or moos since forever. We’ll see if the middle sissy remembers it….
It has now turned into our Sunday lunch staple. We seem to always have a few slices of ham that need finishing up and coupled with the best homemade pickles a gal could ask for, the sammy is pretty darn awesome. Throw some cheese on top if you’ve got it and broil for a few minutes. I promise this isn’t the gross ham spread the deli has in its sad case or what that crazy lunch lady in middle school tried to peddle you. This is just yum!



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