The Cowl is the New Hat

I am a knitter…I think I may have mentioned that in the past.  I knit a lot.  And at the very core of my knitty self…I like to knit things for people.

For awhile I was in love with hats.  Hats are fun, quick, have a gazillion patterns to try and are practical in WI. People in WI actually USE hats.  But when everyone in your life (and several complete strangers) have hats…one needs to move onto something new.

Enter in…THE COWL.

The cowl you see is the new hat.  (You heard it here first folks…quite certain you will see it in Vogue next month) It is versatile, functional, you can try out new pattern stitches…and it can give a ho hum outfit a little somethin to talk about!  This winter I have knit A LOT of cowls and I see more in my future.  The yarn invested is generally 1-2 skeins so you can splurge on the good stuff and I love testing out new textures with the patterns.  Plus you get the added benefit of quick results…which sometimes you just need ONE of your knitting projects to be actually done! (I am down to only 2 projects cast on at the moment!)

Here is my favorite model sporting some chunky cowls, which she loves to wear.  They are both knit with some of my most favorite yarn in the world.  Check out the lovely maker of the yarn here. (Go ahead…check it out…watch the video…you won’t be sorry…I’ll wait back here for you)


And here are two that were not the quickest knits, but I am in love with how they turned out.  Mention the word Malabrigo Sock Yarn to me and I will swoon and salivate in Pavlovian response.  I seem to be drawn magnetically to it…I love love love it.

Now for you non-knitters…what is sock yarn? Well it is yarn that is tiny, dainty, generally knit on small needles the size of bamboo skewers and it is the polar opposite of ‘fast’ knitting. Take a look at your socks you are wearing (go ahead..I’ll wait) and check out the size of the yarn they are knit with…yup…that’s what I’m talkin about…SMALL!

Cowl4Cowl 1Stay tuned as I just cast on my first SWEATER knit in sock yarn.  It won’t be a fast knit but I can already tell it is going to be gorgeous…..


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