Buckets….and Their Lists

We all have one whether we admit it or not. A virtual list that resides inside of us of accomplishments we would like to cross off and feel the reward of completing something we individually value and hold dear. They are a source of joy…and perhaps some anxiety too. Some people have BIG lists for BIG things, myself included, and we pin these dreams onto our list. The bucket list generally has no dates, no budget and nothing holding your feet to the fire except for your own desire and drive. Few of us publish our lists for the world to see as they are personal and something we keep stored deep in our pockets.

But what if you had a coach blowing the whistle and pushing you to the finish line? Sometimes we need that spark of courage to do something outside of our own comfort zone to achieve our greatness. I have a dear friend who has a group of gals that meets a few times per year and they review their bucket lists and hold each other accountable for completion. They talk about the obstacles-whether it be fear, resources or timing and help and encourage each other to make those check marks. As a result this friend has sky dived (more than once), traveled to the far corners of the earth and more importantly has a light inside her each time she tells us about another check mark.

My bucket list is ever changing as the years go by. But I have some significant check marks that I am proud of. I got a tattoo (sorry mom). I have been to Hawaii and NYC. I then one upped my self and said I wanted to go to Mood Fabrics in NYC and got myself back there one more time. And now I set off to complete a much more public check mark. I can’t go into specific details since it is very hush hush, but I will say…it involves a lot of courage…and public dancing! Even better, I have 40 people holding me accountable to complete this task…and let me just say I am LOVING every minute of it (even though I break out in nervous hives every time!)

So dear reader take this Spring renewal as a time to reflect on your list and what you are going to accomplish this year.

For me, I am going to waive my hands in the air like I just don’t care and shake my groove thang baby!



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