Get Your Nerd On

This past Sunday brought forth an excursion I never thought I would attend until I was well into my 80’s…living in Boca…wearing my daily caftan.  Dear reader, the gals and I packed on up and went out for Bingo.

nerd bingo 3

Now let me set the records straight, this was not your grandmother’s Bingo.  No no, this was Drag Queen Bingo….with a Nerd theme.  And in a word, it was FA-BU-LOUS!  The event, which runs a few Sundays over the winter, is put on by Camp Bingo and the whole shebang is a fundraiser for Aids Network.  The host for the afternoon was none other than Madison’s esteemed Cass Marie, and does she know how to fill a house!  The entire ball room was packed and the event ended up selling out.  Cass is as baudy as you would want and I don’t think there was a time when we weren’t smiling, laughing and hootin it on up.

Of course, costumes are encouraged…..The kids and I had some fun putting this little ensemble together:

nerd bingo 4

Let it be known, there were some significant prizes given away.  There were two grand prizes of $1500 each plus lots of $250 prizes.  Like I said, this was some serious Bingo.  Not to mention there are actions and what not when certain letter/number combos are called out (most notably B-9 and our fav O-69!)  The very last drawing our sweet friend (whose b-day we were celebrating nonetheless!) won $250!!

I on the other hand went home with some much more. A knowledge that when I get my nerdy alter ego on (her name is Darla by the way) there is my perfect nerd fella waitin’ in the wings for me.





2 thoughts on “Get Your Nerd On

  1. It scares me a little when I can go to the closet and can pull together an outfit which could resemble yours. Who are we really?

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