To Alaska, With Love

Sometimes dear reader, there are knitting emergencies.  The kind that send you into a panic of ‘…I need to have this project done…STAT!’

I had said emergency a few weeks ago.  First, a bit of background….

We have some wonderful friends who made the leap and moved to Alaska a few years ago.   Right before they moved we had them over for dinner for a WI cookout send off.  Both of our friends are fantastic red heads and that night I happened to be knitting a green baby sweater.  They asked who I was knitting it for and I said (very smart alecky I might add) its for your red headed baby girl.  My husband shot me daggers as the two could not have been any farther away from having a baby at the time.  (Well…..I thought it was pretty funny).  Fast forward 3 years and guess who they ushered into this world….a darling baby girl.  Of course I had to knit up a green sweater to complete the the story and off to Alaska it went.

Here is where the emergency came in.  Our friend sent us some pics of the baby when she was pretty little wearing the sweater (adorable I might add) and mentioned that she ‘used to wear it all the time….but she’s too big now’.  EEEEKKKK!  I rushed home that night and exclaimed to my husband that our Alaska baby NEEDED A NEW SWEATER!  She’s in ALASKA with NO SWEATER!  I ran to the basement to survey the available yarn and came up with nothing.  I scoured my Pinterest boards for the perfect pattern, ordered me some scrumptious merino wool and cast on the same night it arrived.

The pattern that I ended up loving is actually a sweet little dress that can grow into a tunic as the little lady continues to grow.  I found some leggings and a top and put the whole thing together over the weekend.  I was ready to pack it up and send it off with a kiss when we received the most wonderful news.  Both friends and baby are coming down for Easter so I get to gift to them in person.

So dear reader I’m off to ward off future knitting emergencies needles in hand…and we get to have our baby Alaska fix too.

…All is right with the world tonight….



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