Chicky Check In

Here’s a quick check in with the new gals living in the basement. You will notice we have gone from 6 to 4. We lost another chick last week due to unknown reasons. It was quite a shock and several panicked phone calls went out to G&G up north who also are cuckoo for chickens. … More Chicky Check In

The many faces…..

…of my sweet nephews while holding chicks for the first time. First up Big Brother who didn’t quite know what to think about it all…… And finally this little dude, who always has a smile waiting for me

Calamity Ranch

Yes calamity seems to define the ranch these days.  We have had several weeks of sucker punches and each time we find our footing, it happens again. It all started the week before Easter.  The kiddos were headed up North to G&G’s house for Spring Break.  On the hubbmeister’s trip back to home the family … More Calamity Ranch


So a few weeks ago I eluded to checking off another task on my life list.  It was going to involve something very daring…and public! It was dancing, something that I love…in the privacy of my own home…. Well dear reader I am happy to report that not only I but 27 other willing participants … More Fearless