Calamity Ranch

Yes calamity seems to define the ranch these days.  We have had several weeks of sucker punches and each time we find our footing, it happens again.

It all started the week before Easter.  The kiddos were headed up North to G&G’s house for Spring Break.  On the hubbmeister’s trip back to home the family van broke down.  To sum it up, it was too costly to fix.  So off to the car shop we went and we now have a new (to us) vehicle to cart fishing gear and kiddos around in.

The next week my family was heartbroken to hear a dear cousin of mine who is only 6 months older than me passed away most unexpectedly.  Thankfully my parents and sissy were driving distance away from my cousin’s family and rushed to help and console in any way possible.  This passing still has me reeling but has helped put into perspective all that life has dealt us lately.

The next day I received a call from my very distraught daughter letting me know a varmint got into our coop over the night and killed 2 out of 3 chickens.  I received this call on the day of the flash mob which really made putting a smile of my face difficult.  Thankfully, those dancing ladies really cheered me up and we still had a fantastic time.

One of the buckeyes survived but was so lonely we re-located her to Poynette and a farm of very friendly ladies.
One of the buckeyes survived but was so lonely we re-located her to a farm with several very friendly ladies.

The following week I decided to take off a few days to work on our basement.  Keep in mind our basement has been torn up for the past month having drain tile/sump pump/ new dry wall installed.  I woke up at the crack of dawn to get to work and was greeted with a tree limb that had fallen in a storm over night and smashed out the rear window in my car. Sonofagun, you have got to be kidding me.  So I lost a whole day dealing with getting the window replaced and having the car detailed to have all of the glass shards removed.


The next day went fairly well.  I made a huge dent in the sanding of the drywall and was feeling pretty good.  My sissy and her boys were coming for dinner and to check out the chicks so a fun night was in store.  We all held one very docile chick and took lots of adorable pics of the kids until something didn’t seem to be right with the chick.  No 5 day old chick sits in your hand for hours sleeping and letting kiddos pet it.  I then noticed this chick was considerably smaller than the others and was not able to keep water down.  As the evening progressed it became obvious to me that the chick was not going to make it and later that night it passed away in my hands.  That was about all we could handle and the kids and I had a good cry.  Once the hubby got home at 9 pm he (thankfully) went out to the back of the yard and buried our poor little gal.

Onto Sunday which was the boy’s first communion.  G&G as well as Auntie M traveled down for the big day and man did that boy look handsome.  However, he had a terrible tummy ache through the whole service and it was no sooner over and we had to hightail him home.

Handsome yet barfy
Quite the dapper fella

Yes, I really needed to look for the silver lining in our playbook of ranch life.  What was OUR Excelsior in all of this?  Here is what I hold onto:

Even when your car breaks down 60 miles from home I am thankful we had towing insurance to pick up the hubby and bring him home.  No one was hurt and there is always a nice guy in a bad suit waiting to sell you another one.

Spending 3 hours getting your car window fixed and detailed offers A LOT of unexpected knitting time….so that sweater made out of sock yarn is ALMOST DONE! YIPPEE!!

No matter how discombobulated our basement is, it is dry for the first time in 7 years and THAT is FABULOUS!

I am really really really thankful the boy made it through his 1st communion without vomiting in the front of church.

And finally and most importantly, life is fragile and we need to thank the universe for each day we are given.  Hug your kids, kiss your hubby, call your parents, dance to music, eat ice cream-it helps!, snuggle with chicks and slow down to enjoy what you do have.


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