Chicky Check In

Here’s a quick check in with the new gals living in the basement.
You will notice we have gone from 6 to 4. We lost another chick last week due to unknown reasons. It was quite a shock and several panicked phone calls went out to G&G up north who also are cuckoo for chickens. We made a few minor changes to the girls’ bedding and diet and the remaining 4 are doing great.
Here is what they looked like 2 weeks ago:


And here are the happy hens now:


They are still pretty adorable and quietly peep though they feather out more and more everyday. They each get held every day and will sit nicely in our hand. Hopefully they will be as docile and personable as our first batch.


One thought on “Chicky Check In

  1. They sure have grown but now you have the legal amount…..Glad Blondie made it(alias Amelia)


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