What we’ve been up to (part 2)

As you know, we have 4 feathered gals currently residing inside the ranch.  This has an expiration date of 3 days ago on it as they are continuing to grow…and with that comes this horrendous ‘chickeny’ aroma.  (And not the good kind like KFC…think more along the lines of wet poopy barnyard).  Not to mention they are not at all liking their indoors living arrangements.  They have had a taste of outside and want it all of the time.

The girls…now a month old

However, our coop/run set up has proven to not be varmint proof and thus we needed to re-think things.  We are bound and determined to NOT lose another hen to something stupid that we could fix! And thus, we got to workin’.

First up…tear the sucker down

De-construction is fun!
De-construction is fun!

We removed ever last stinkin nail, screw, staple and re-assessed.  We are bound and determined to reuse every last piece of wood and purchase minimal additional supplies, but the end result is going to be the Fort McCoy of runs!

The boy earned his keep and pulled out about 1000 staples and nails.

Tell him he can use a tool and he's all in
Tell him he can use a tool and he’s all in

I don’t know what it is about power tools and working with their hands, but once we got started there was no stoppin the hubby.  We stayed at it for 8 hours (and did I mention it was 45 degrees??  In MAY??)


Stay tuned for the unveiling of the Coop Du Jour!  Those chicks WILL be out of the house by this weekend…one way or another!


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