Knit 1…Knit 2

I know what you have been thinking….gosh the Wolowik Ranch sure has been busy lately….surely there hasn’t been anytime for knitty fun?

Ha!  Not the case (and don’t call me Shirley)

For my own mental sanity I require at least 1 hour of knitting yoga each and every day.  It keeps be centered and from going bonkers.   (I have been known to snore while knitting)  The good news is last week ushered in nice enough weather so I could sit out on my beloved deck and toss the needles around a bit.

I finished up my sock yarn sweater and am pleased to report it didn’t take as long as expected.


The back is really the fun part of the sweater…and yes it is majorly cropped….no one likes a picture of their backside for cripes sakes!  The pattern is called Rocio and is written by one of my favorite writers…I highly recommend her!

The second sweater is called Miette and was a super fast knit.  Amazing how quickly a project goes with worsted wool when you have been working with sock yarn!


“Good thing” it was in the 40’s for Mother’s Day so I got to take my new sweater for a spin before packing it away!


One thought on “Knit 1…Knit 2

  1. I love to work on patterns that have lots of ssk’s, psso;s and yo’s in them. (no I’m not talking dirty, knitters well understand this). Good job on both sweaters Heather!

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