The chicks have left the building-Hallelujah!

I received a giddy phone call from the hubby this morning and the message was loud and clear.  He had finished the run and it was time for the girls to move it on out.  I cruised home over my lunch as I couldn’t wait to introduce the ladies to their new home.



The hubby has done A LOT of work and gets the credit for the re-design.  The coop is in the back of the picture and that was fine.  It was a hand-me-down from some friends and has worked perfectly.  It was the run that needed the extra help.



A big part of our issue were raccoons.  We haven’t had a tunneling issue as of yet, but wanted to be at the ready.  We scoured our local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store for ideas and came away with solid plastic shutters.  At a whopping $1 a piece it was a pretty small investment.  The digging, however, was epic. At one point it was somewhat morbid as I swear it looked like we were digging a grave.  Be we slid them on down and bolted them in. Should anything try to dig its way in, they will have to gown down quite a ways…

IMG_0541And here is it…’mostly’ done.  We have a few finishing touches that we need to complete this weekend, but nothing that we (or the girls) can’t live without!



Now they just need to learn how to be OUTDOOR chickens…which with a frost warning tonight is going to be a bit of a rude awakening.  They will be fine and SO much happier now that that they run around and stretch out a bit.

Let the angels sing…Hallelujah!  The Chickens Are Out Of The House!



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