Simply 8

Happy Birthday to The Boy for today he is 8!

The birthday boy
The birthday boy

This past holiday weekend we began celebrating a bit early. We are lucky that both kids’ birthdays land around summer holidays so we generally spend them both outdoors. The boy’s birthday has only known 2 extremes… is either incredibly hot or downright chilly….nothing in between. Last year we celebrated with slipnslides and running through the sprinkler…this year we fell the opposite way and were lucky to hit 60.

When asked how the boy wanted to celebrate, he declared with zero hesitation that he wanted to go to the Mackenzie Center in Poynette, WI. This unique environmental center holds a special place in our hearts as it is one of our most favorite places to go. It is about 30 minutes from Madison, is free and offers lots of outdoor fun for the kiddos. A dear friend held her bday party there last year and the boy thought it was a GREAT IDEA!

We packed up the car with good eats, a ball and bat, a jump-rope and headed out in the morning with some school friends in tow.

Soon after we arrived, more friends and family arrived and the kids set out to have some good old fashioned play in the out of doors fun.

Swing batter batter
Swing batter batter

First up…the kiddos needed to run around after the car ride. The hubby smacked the ball around while the kids played outfielders.

Picture 010

Then it was time to get the food going. The boy came up with the menu as he had some pretty specific ideas. Greek pitas with griled chicken, shrimp and lots of fillings. He and I spent Friday after school making cupcakes with 2 kinds of frosting….one of which is our now famous salted carmel frosting. Stay tuned for directions and the recipe!

Picture 014

Picture 013

Sometimes you have to let this count as 'fruit'
Sometimes you have to let this count as ‘fruit’

Picture 016Then we all headed over to the wildlife refuge. First up, you have to climb the fire tower. Bravery and an acceptance if heights was required!

Picture 007

Picture 005

Then we went to see the recused animals. It is pretty exciting to be 5 feet away from wolves, coyotes, fox, hawks, buffalo, mountain lions, owls and a giant bald eagle, just to mention a few! The kiddos ran from one area to the next exclaiming to all of us what was coming up. Everyone as so excited!

The hubby is the child whisperer
The hubby is the child whisperer

This simple party was simply perfect!

Happy Birthday Boy!


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