Happy Birthday to the Hubbmeister!

This past weekend Madison FINALLY saw some lovely weather.  It is amazing how a few nice days spent outside can re-set your clock and make you feel whole again.  We spent as much of the waking hours in the outdoors as we possibly could.  I FINALLY got to wake up and have coffee on the deck…my most favorite place to be.  What a treat to sit outside and watch the birds flit around and listen to the hens cheap and chortle.  The boy FINALLY learned how to ride his bike…YAHOO!  Now there is no stopping him.  It is pretty much ALL he wants to do.

We also started celebrating the hubby’s birthday a day early and had one of the best family days on record.  The weather on Sunday was glorious so we packed up the car and headed out for a family fishing trip.  The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing and the fish were biting.  What a spectacular day!


The boy with one on
The boy with one on

055058The boy and the hubby each caught two to keep so we had bacon wrapped bullheads (on a stick!) for dinner….YUMMO!

Happy birthday hubby!



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