Fastest Quilt In The West

The end of the school year is a blur and needless to say, I have been a bit overwhelmed by all of the ‘stuff’ that seems to get crammed in the last few weeks of school.  Throw in some sort of party that we need to attend every weekend in June and my brain starts to go a bit mushy to say the least.  So when the hubby reminded me we had a wedding reception this weekend I may have had a slight meltdown in realizing I needed to come up with a present.  I realize I add to my own hysteria in always looking for the present I can make vs buy and this circumstance was no different.

So, Tuesday night I reviewed the fabric stash to see what I had and what I needed to buy.  Low and behold I had a pack of fabric that I purchased a LONG time ago but had never used.  Bonus it was already washed and ready to go.  I did some really quick math and calculated the EASIEST QUICKEST quilt I could muster.  I had the top cut and sewn within an hour!  Wednesday I ran to the store and got the backing, binding and batting and I was off to the races.  By Thursday night I finished hand-sewing the binding and even whipped up a handmade gift bag.

The result is a nice bohemian-style lap quilt that I hope the bride and groom enjoy this summer!



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