When You Just Know

Do you ever read a recipe and before you even make it, you just know it is going to be good?  I had that moment a few days ago when I saw this recipe.  With the onslaught of horribly hot weather I decided we needed to crack out the crockpot dinners if we wanted to eat anything other than ice cream this week (no judgement).  It is too darn hot to turn on the oven and after driving home in my crappy non-air conditioned car, making dinner falls very low on my list of desireable evening activities. 

Enter in Mrs. Crockpot

At 6:15 last night I knew our next night’s dinner was going to be good.  The marinade smells fantastic and even my fingertips held the lingering scent of freshly grated ginger this morning.  The only change I made to the recipe was I used a bone in pork roast rather than beef.  Pork proved to be more economical and I could buy a fairly large roast to ensure the necessary leftovers for lunches.

I enlisted the hubby to whip up the pickled cucumbers this morning as he has a way with vinegar…and boy they are tasty!

We arrived home to the house wafting in yumminess and were eating dinner within 15 minutes of our arrival. 

Don’t forget the Sriracha…it is a must!


Thanks to my California sissy for introducing me to Korean BBQ many years ago in San Francisco.  Sissy…you will love this recipe!


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